Saturday, 19 January 2013

My week in a nut shell

I worked.

We had Thai food. Twice. (or was it three times?)

I successfully made a stir fry.

It was too hot most days.

My family had a planning meeting for my sisters 21st. This also involved testing out some sangria recipes. 

I worked out that it’s probably cheaper to drive to work than it is to catch public transport.

I decided that I wanted to be a cooler (read nerdier) nerd. i.e. I have started carrying my wand with me at all times. And chocolate in case of Dementor attacks. And I’ve been looking around for a good sonic screw driver. 

I did some knitting.

we went to Sushi Train (Tonight we ate 18 plates between 2 of us. and that was around $80. The main problem is we have an addiction. we just can't help ourselves. Let’s just say it’s a dangerous place for my wallet/bank account.)

And tomorrow I am going to the lifeline book fest (another dangerous place for my wallet) and I may even start on the dress want to make. 

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