Friday, 11 January 2013

A Little Bit About What I Do

I am a service co-ordinator.

This statement is often met with a quizzical look. It’s not a job you hear about at school or dream of having but in my opinion a fun job all the same. My favourite way to describe my job is to say that I tell people where to go all day. While this is not exactly accurate it does bring a smile. So what do I actually do?   

A bundle of things that help with the running of the service department but mostly I organise and look after the techs. I decide where they go and when and then I enter their paperwork into the computer system. I also take the majority of calls/enquiries for service and where possible do my best to get them going over the phone.

It’s all about trying to keep a number of people happy simultaneously and while it can be a bit of a challenge some days when the customers are particularly demanding or when there are not enough jobs to keep the techs busy, I work with some great people and that can make all the difference. 

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