Saturday, 16 February 2013

My Valentine’s Day

I got spoilt.

My boyfriend and I had agreed that we were only going to give each other cards because it is so close to my birthday and he is so hard to buy for in general.  So I made plans to make a fabulous card and was wondering what cute card I would receive.

But as I said I got spoilt.

I definitely got a cute card (it had owls on it) but that wasn’t all. Firstly I got a very nicely bound copy of pride and prejudice. It’s bound in pink leather with the writing embossed into it. It is a fabulous addition to my pride and prejudice collection. I also got a charm bracelet (like a Pandora one but not) with a crown charm.

Then he cooked me dinner. Roast spatchcock with salad and purple sweet potato mash. Then he gave me another charm (a heart this time) to add to my bracelet.


But the problem was I was slack. I didn’t even get around to making his card until my lunch break that day and it wasn’t the fabulous creation I wanted it to be but he liked it all the same.

Overall it was a fabulous day.


Sunday, 10 February 2013

My Weekend in a Nutshell

This weekend:
- We cleaned the house (we have an inspection on Wednesday).
- I got to sleep in, both days (it was heaven).
- We caught up on MKR and Master Chef Professionals (still behind on the block though).
- We had sushi!!!!(with my boyfriends parents)
- We had dinner with my parents (yummy pepper steak)
- I went to a small re-enacting event for a scout group. (and I went as a girl this time)
- I used my new set of kitchen scales for the first time (retro ones)
- I failed at making meringue (that doesn’t happen oftenL)
- It was bloody hot!

And thats my weekend in a nutshell. 

A Magical Day

How is it that when you have a day off during the week it’s so much more magical then the weekend?

On Wednesday I took the day off work to celebrate my birthday (which was on Monday). I slept in, I relaxed, and apart from the really lovely lunch I was treated to I didn’t really do anything much differently to what I would do on the weekend. But somehow the day seemed so much more magical and wonderful. Maybe it’s the knowledge that I would normally have been starting work at the time I woke up or maybe it’s that it’s just one day and not two. 

In the end it doesn’t matter why it just matters that it was and it made my 22nd birthday that little bit more special then it would have been without it. 

Saturday, 2 February 2013

It's My Birthday!

Well tomorrow is anyway but the celebrations are underway. last night I was taken out to a fancy dinner with my boyfriend's family. they even got happy birthday written on my desert plate in chocolate. It was great. They also gave me a hot chocolate machine. 

Today I've been relaxing. We had sushi for lunch and watched Doctor who: the movie. I also got to open one of my presents from my boyfriend. I got a really nice fountain pen. It's wonderful to write with. I really like writing with ink. I have a few quills that you have to have ink for but this is the first one I have with the ink built in.  

Tonight is dinner with my family. We’re having Chinese food (my choice). Tomorrow I have work where I will at least get macaroons and maybe cupcakes. Then I’m taking Wednesday off work to spend with my boyfriend. So all in all birth week is off to a great start.