Saturday, 16 February 2013

My Valentine’s Day

I got spoilt.

My boyfriend and I had agreed that we were only going to give each other cards because it is so close to my birthday and he is so hard to buy for in general.  So I made plans to make a fabulous card and was wondering what cute card I would receive.

But as I said I got spoilt.

I definitely got a cute card (it had owls on it) but that wasn’t all. Firstly I got a very nicely bound copy of pride and prejudice. It’s bound in pink leather with the writing embossed into it. It is a fabulous addition to my pride and prejudice collection. I also got a charm bracelet (like a Pandora one but not) with a crown charm.

Then he cooked me dinner. Roast spatchcock with salad and purple sweet potato mash. Then he gave me another charm (a heart this time) to add to my bracelet.


But the problem was I was slack. I didn’t even get around to making his card until my lunch break that day and it wasn’t the fabulous creation I wanted it to be but he liked it all the same.

Overall it was a fabulous day.


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