Thursday, 28 March 2013

I Have Been Slack

But I can admit it at least. 

I haven’t blogged in almost a month. but I have been busy (mostly). I moved house & I went to Sydney for a weekend for my cousins wedding. 

My boyfriend and I moved house a couple of weekends ago. Not very far mind you, we are still on the same street, but it doesn’t matter how far you move it’s a tough and tiering process either way. The new place still looks like a bomb has hit it but since we invited friends over for a BBQ on Monday so we have a deadline for when we have to have it looking presentable.

The weekend after we moved we headed off to Sydney for the wedding of one of my cousins. It was a beautiful ‘back yard’ wedding on the water. I had a great time catching up with some of the rellies.

Since then we have been slowly un-packing, making more of a mess in the process, settling in and mostly chilling on the couch watching movies.

So yes I have been slack about blogging but I’m back now and I’ll try and keep up. 

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